Cara's Story

Today we’re introducing Cara Houston, a graduate of Survivorship 101 from last summer. Cara is a survivor of stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. After 25 rounds of chemo last year, Cara is currently cancer free!

Cara learned about A Time to Heal while undergoing chemotherapy and was excited to find a way to connect with fellow survivors during the pandemic. Having cancer during COVID was isolating for many people, including Cara and she was relieved to have a group of survivors who could be with her virtually, if not in person. She was grateful for the opportunity because so many in-person cancer support groups were no longer meeting

I asked Cara to give a message to other survivors about what she learned during her cancer journey, and her advice was to “surround yourself with positive messages, songs and music.” She also warned against researching too much on the internet, since it often just made her more anxious instead of helping.

Cara is eager to return to her students this summer. She works as an independent tutor in her hometown of Mondamin, Iowa for students between 3-12 grades and hasn’t been able to work much in the past year or so. But summer sessions start soon and she’s excited to see them again.


Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Cara, and for making A Time to Heal part of your journey. If you would like to join one of our FREE classes, click here: