Our Stories

The best advice and support comes from friends who have been on the same journey. Click and listen to their stories.

Mary’s Story

A cancer diagnosis is one of life’s tough hits, no question.

But ATTH gives you the tools to bounce back — and learn RESILIENCE. Mary has battled cancer five times:

George’s Story

How do you maintain your QUALITY OF LIFE after cancer?

Knowing that you are not alone is the first step. George Hefley explains how his ATTH sessions made all the difference:

Kay’s Story

Battling cancer challenges your spirit of joy.

But ATTH teaches tools to rediscover HAPPINESS and freedom from fear. Kay Burggraff says ATTH helped create her best life:

Rose Mary’s Caregiver Story

It’s not just the patient who needs to know they have the STRENGTH to recover from cancer.

Rose Mary found the answers she needed at ATTH for caregivers.